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Saturday, May 14, 2016

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Pic took yesterday

Janet took this picture yesterday... On Big T's 8 week birthday... And the day he died. Sad, but good pic. We never know :-(

Big T- Rest in Peace

Big T got sick yesterday on his 8 week birthday,  and died last night before we could get him to the vet. He ate, then threw-up. A couple hours later he started having seizures and died in Tammy's lap about 10pm last night.

When we named him Big T for Big Trouble he was the biggest of the litter, but by the time they were  weaned off the bottle he was only 1/2 the size of his litter mates.

Despite his size he was a loving kitty with an big appetite for his size. We had planned to keep him as he was such a joy to be around.

It's amazing how quickly one gets attached. Even though we only had him 2 months, over 1/2 that time was spent bottle feeding them individually in the lap.

You'll be missed Big T !

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