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Make No Small Plans - Burnham

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You download this software free!

Please don't ask me questions... while I use version 6 of Truespace, I just got the free 7.x version and want to tell the forum about it... I just don't have time to repsond to any tech questions as I am not the expert on this subject. After using Calagari Truespace since version 1.0 ..... and after a decade of it being sold for as much as $500 ..... You can now download the latest version free just for "registering" on-line. This is not a timelimited or downgraded version, full-up power. Be warned that it does have a learning curve because it is 4d ( realtime 3d + time) . They are also giving away complete on-line manuals and VIDEO training. As I understand it, Microsoft bought Calagari and wants to make it the new standard for 3d mapping and virtual reality and are doing so by giving it away. I downloaded, installed it and ran a few tests in about an hour. Don't pass up this freebie! Here's where you can download directly off Calagari's website:
you can read more here:
Order form:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why this Blog was created

If you came here looking for Studio wax products at, please see the links section. It has redirects that will guide you along the way.

This blog and the domain name has a few goals:

1) Make it easier to manage my multiple sites.
2)Share other links that are near and dear to me
3) Post a mangled conglomerate of ideas without polluting my "FOCUSED" websites.
4) Anything else I wanted to do as an electronic forum

See the links and list sections for now... and know more is to come!

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