Make No Small Plans

Make No Small Plans - Burnham

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Go forth. Succeed. Wax on, wax on!

I just want to say thanks to the hundreds of artist who are taking charge of their materials by getting our recipe book for sculpting waxes.

Wax is the high performance , yet low tech solution that allows artists to create an array of materials to sculpt with.

For thousands of years wax has been the material of choice for the great masters. And the secret recipes of the masters have gone to the grave with them.

But know this, the art and skill lies with the sculptor. The material is just a vechicle to allow the artist to express his talent. And now that we live in the information age I day it is time to share the materials and revel in the art!

Our secret recipes for tooling waxes, modeling waxes, toy waxes, and sculpting waxes are now available to the general public worldwide at :

Become your best, know and control your materials.... If make it to sell to others. It is a copyrighted document, but you can use the final product however you want.


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