Make No Small Plans

Make No Small Plans - Burnham

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New float tank design model

Frame, water processing module, floor and underlayment. Floor is full 4' x 8' but could be custom sized.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

So where should I go...

So where should I go, 
to the left where nothing is right, 
or to the right where nothing is left?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not twins !!!

But don't they look alike ? 

Of course photos of each are at same age. JB is such a mature looking boy now. And quite the big brother already!

James Bryant on left, Hunter Thomas on right.

Proud grandpa I am (as Today might say)

Designing my own tank...

I know I don't need a 3rd float tank, but I think that I have a winning design that home builders can accomplish.

To prove the concept I'm building a 1:6  scale model and will post pictures as I go along. It seems like a super fun design and engineering project so I'm gonna at least have fun with it. 

Here's the first post .

Only 24" wide and 12" deep...

But even just 1 side holds a ton of stuff and tool boards can be moved around at will. And attached at top to beam with 2 screws and sitting on floor tightly with adjustable feet , it is secure and firmly in place. But I could remove it entirely in a few minutes.

And then the other side is same for twice the storage. I'm making 3 units to use as a fully functional room divider. It'll look better as time goes by.

Hunter Thomas Driver ..... A healthy family is a true blessing !

James and Cassi are so blessed... As is the whole family.

Hunter Thomas Driver

Isn't he adorable like big bro ?

Testing my new lap/bed/table valet

Once done, special holders will clip onto the horizontal rails anywhere I choose. It's made to be very lightweight with the rails being only 1/8" thick since they are strong plywood and won't hold anything even approaching heavy.

It's a little crude, but being a prototype made from scratch wood and a few screws, cost so far is less than $1

Paint may add another dollar :-)

Hopefully it'll be very useful and keep the devices , cords, tv remotes , etc close by and ready to use. Also hope to keep from crushing eyeglasses when I take them off !

I'll also add a power strip and a LED gooseneck reading light.

I'll post pics when it's done.

Further adjustments and enhancements

Legs are now adjustable in both length and angle. 

2 sets of legs... 1 set at top, 1 set at bottom.

Phone sets under eyeglasses.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Our 2nd grandson ,Hunter Thomas Driver, born this afternoon

Son of James and Cassi (Overman) Driver

6 1/2 pounds , healthy, alert, and wide eyed.

His big brother James Bryant gave him a kiss on the head when he left the room.

Mom and Dad proud and Cassi looks amazing!