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Make No Small Plans - Burnham

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks to friends and family...

Thanks to friends and family...

My mom died at 86 on December 2nd ( what would have been my deceased Dad's 88th birthday).

She has suffered a most severe stroke and while it may sound cliche, after watching her pretty much non-stop for over a week, saying the final goodbyes was made easy as it was seen as a blessing of mercy for the whole family.

The pain was also easied by the "ocean" of family, friends, co-workers, Lions Club members, our website customers, and friends from the virtual world of the art forums, who said kind words, prayed, called, visited, sent flowers, sent cards, brought food,and hugged us all.

Sadness shows up at seemily odd times (to me).... but after her last 6 years in a nursing home, there is also relief in her passing.

I can only hope/pray that I inherited some of her "toughness genes".

Again, Thanks and love to all,
Gary O

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