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Make No Small Plans - Burnham

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You download this software free!

Please don't ask me questions... while I use version 6 of Truespace, I just got the free 7.x version and want to tell the forum about it... I just don't have time to repsond to any tech questions as I am not the expert on this subject. After using Calagari Truespace since version 1.0 ..... and after a decade of it being sold for as much as $500 ..... You can now download the latest version free just for "registering" on-line. This is not a timelimited or downgraded version, full-up power. Be warned that it does have a learning curve because it is 4d ( realtime 3d + time) . They are also giving away complete on-line manuals and VIDEO training. As I understand it, Microsoft bought Calagari and wants to make it the new standard for 3d mapping and virtual reality and are doing so by giving it away. I downloaded, installed it and ran a few tests in about an hour. Don't pass up this freebie! Here's where you can download directly off Calagari's website:
you can read more here:
Order form:

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